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Useful Mac OS X applications

My brother recently got a 20” iMac for his work in Cambridge, and asked me for a list of applications that might be of use to him. I thought I’d share this on my blog too:

  • TextMate – Shareware text editor. Absolutely fantastic!
  • Smultron – A less functional TextMate, for those on a budget
  • VLC – An excellent all-round media player
  • MPlayerOSX – Another good media player
  • iTerm – Tabbed terminal application
  • Darwin Ports – An excellent open source package building and management system
  • Omnigraffle – Diagram drawing tool
  • YourSQL – MySQL database GUI interface
  • VoodooPad Lite – Local wiki tool, if you don’t like plain ol’ Stickies
  • Quicksilver – Useful quick-launch utility
  • TestXSLT – If you are working on any XSLT, it allows you to test scripts quickly and easily
  • Native OSX apache PHP module – Useful, although I’m personally erring more towards Ruby these days
  • VirtueDesktops – If you are used to virtual desktops
  • Soap Client & XML-RPC Client – A couple of very nice, free applications for helping with Web Service development
  • LDapper – For querying and developing LDAP databases
  • HandbrakeDVD-to-MPEG4/h.264 ripping
  • – Simulation eye candy
  • CSSEdit.appCSS editing made easy
  • Flame – Bonjour service sniffing
  • NewsMac Pro – My RSS reader of choice
  • Colloquy – Convenient IRC/SILC client
Nick Ludlam
Nick Ludlam
Software Developer and Prototyper in Mixed Media